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Create attention-grabbing, printable six thinking hats diagrams.
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100,000 个免费图标和照片

100,000 个免费图标和照片

Easily add free icons, photos and cliparts to your six thinking hats diagram. A rich set of graphics is available. The vector graphics will remain look good when you resize.

Design Six Thinking Hats with Drag-and-Drop

Want to visualize your thinking process with six thinking hats? With our drag-and-drop editor, you can construct six thinking hats diagrams easily and quickly. No matter you want to add icons, shapes or artworks to your design, all you need is drag-and-drop.




InfoART 具有大量模板,可以帮助您在几分钟内设计邀请函。定制非常简单。您可以通过拖放来更改模板中的图标和图片。元素的位置将保持不变。无需删除和重新创建。


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A versatile online graphical design software that helps you create beautiful six thinking hats diagrams, perfect for all industries and businesses. Get started with one of these six thinking hats diagram templates.

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