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Highly configurable data visualization tool. Helping people see and understand their data

Top-Rated Dashboard Software

A top-rated dashboard solution

Visual Paradigm Online helps you visualize your data into valuable insights. Build dashboards and perform ad-hoc data analyses in just a few steps. A wide range of chart and graph are available to fulfill different business needs. Together with the intuitive spreadsheet editor, anyone can visualize data in few minutes. No coding, just insight.

Easy dashboard creation

Anyone can make dashboard with intuitive drag & drop.

  • Drag and drop to resize dashboard components. Content will be auto scaled and fit.
  • Drag to move dashboard components. Components will be auto re-positioning for optimal layout.

Easy dashboard creation

Wide range of data visualization options

Assemble your custom dashboard with standard data visualizations like charts, maps and plots. Or embed a diagram, custom text or image into the chart. Hundreds of charts and diagrams are available. The choice is yours.s

Wide range of data visualization options

Multiple pages

Too much content? Want to visualize data from multiple angles? You can make information on a dashboard easier to understand by chunking the content into multiple pages.

Multiple pages

Dashboard examples

Ready to create your dashboard? We've put together some dashbaord examples below to help you get started. Click on a diagram to view it, or click the edit button to start editing.

Much more than a dashboard creator

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