Component Diagram Example: Order Processing System


This is a component diagram for order processing system. It consists of components like Shipping, Analytics, OrderProcesser, CustomerServices and StoreFront. The interfaces between those components represent the functionality required and provided by those components. Ball and socket joints are there to represent a 'provide' or 'use' relationship between two components.

Use this component diagram template as a starting point to create your own, or click Create Blank to start from scratch.

What is Component Diagram?

Component diagrams are used in modeling the physical aspects of object-oriented systems which shows the organization and dependencies among a set of components. Component diagrams are used to model the static implementation view of a system. They are essentially class diagrams that focus on a system's components. Component diagrams are used for visualizing, specifying, and documenting component based systems and also for constructing executable systems through forward and reverse engineering. Component diagrams commonly contain Components, Interfaces and Dependency, generalization, association, and realization relationships. It may also contain notes and constraints. Graphically, a Component diagram is a collection of vertices and arcs.

Why Component Diagram?

  • Define the reusable components of a software system
  • Visualize high level component configuration and their dependency relationships
  • Overview an high level depiction of a existing system before making changes or enhancements

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