Package Diagram Example: General Business System


Package diagram is used to simplify complex class diagrams, you can group classes into packages. A package is a collection of logically related UML elements. This package diagram example is a business model in which the classes are grouped into packages. Packages appear as rectangles with small tabs at the top. The package name is on the tab or inside the rectangle. The dotted arrows are dependencies. One package depends on another if changes in the other could possibly force changes in the first.

Use this package diagram as an example to create your own package diagram. Click Use this Template to start, or click Create Blank to create a new one.

What is Package Diagram?

Package is some kind of organizational model elements that provides a way to group related UML elements. e.g., classes or use cases. Thus, you may use a package diagram to group different entities (such as objects, classes or use cases) into logical packages and describe the interrelationship between them at a high level. You can scope their name as a namespace in a package. Graphically, a package is represented as file folders, which may contain other packages in hierarchical manner.

When to use a Package Diagram

  • A package diagram is typically used in large scale systems to picture dependencies between major elements in the system.
  • A package diagram is often used Package diagrams represent a compile time grouping mechanism.
  • A package diagram is normally done in the design phase of a project

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