Benefits of Six Thinking Hats

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The Real Benefits of Six Thinking Hats Approach

The six-hat analysis method is a comprehensive thinking model developed by the British scholar Dr. Edward. The use of this model makes daily chaotic thinking clearer, and makes meaningless disputes in the corporate team into brainstorming creation. Therefore, this analysis method can be used to guide corporate communication development and team building.

Enterprises can apply this thinking patterns to any team meetings for facilitating team discussion and decision making. The six hats represent the six basic ways of thinking and use different colors as metaphors.

  1. White hat : White is neutral and objective, representing facts and information;  

  2. Yellow hat : yellow is an optimistic hat, representing a positive view consistent with logic, and the function of identifying the positive factors of things;  

  3. Black hat : black is a gloomy color, which means warning and criticism, the function of discovering negative factors of things;  

  4. Red hat : Red is the color of emotion, representing feeling, intuition and premonition, forming the function of opinion and feeling;  

  5. Green hat : Green is the color of spring, the color of creativity, and the function of creating problem-solving methods and ideas;  

  6. Blue hat : Blue is the color of the sky, controls the entire process of things, directs and manages the entire thought process.  

Why Six Thinking Hats Work?

Since members of the project or operation team often wear hats of different colors at the same time, this leads to confusion, quarrels and wrong decisions. 

People with the "six thinking hats" thinking style can treat different ways of thinking separately, and gradually think about the same thing according to each way of thinking, and finally get a full range of "color" styled thinking . If the managers train team members to have the thinking methods advocated by the six thinking hats in their daily work, this philosophy will eventually becomes part of the professionalism of employees.

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