Six Thinking Hat template: Brainstorming: 6 Thinking hats technique (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Six Thinking Hats with Callouts

Brainstorming: 6 Thinking hats technique

The Multi-Perspectives of Thinking Method

White hat: (objective) evidence, figures, facts

Red Hat: (subjective) intuition, feeling, hunch
Yellow Hat: (Optimistic) Optimism, advantages, and interests.
Black hat: (pessimistic) pessimism, problems, risks.
Green hat: (Creatively) exploration, suggestion, possibility.
Blue Hat: (Systematic) Control, Actions, System.

Compare and Contrast Thinking

Objective vs Subjective Thinking Hat: White vs. Red

White thinking hat: issues such as evidence, numbers, and information in the thinking process; enabling people to present the basis of facts neutrally and objectively.

  • Q. What information do we currently have?

  • Q. What information do we need?

    Red thinking hat: emotions, feelings, hunches, intuition and other issues in the thinking process; various modes of emotions that allow people to freely enter and exit.

  • Q. How do we feel at the moment?

  • Q. What is your intuition about this matter?

Positive/negative thinking hats: black vs. yellow

Yellow thinking hat: Optimism and constructiveness in thinking belong to positive thinking; let people think about the benefits and advantages, and only think about the advantages.

  • Q. What benefits will it bring?

  • Q. What are its advantages?

Black thinking hat: Cautious in thinking, more negative thinking; let people make logical judgments and assessments of affairs, only thinking about shortcomings.

  • Q. What are its risks?

  • Q. Does it work?

Creative / Systematic Thinking Hat: Green vs. Blue

Green thinking hat: a relatively divergent thinking mode of exploration, proposal, and suggestion in thinking; allowing people to think freely and horizontally.

  • Q. What other different views?

  • Q. Should there be other possibilities?

Blue thinking hat: The control and organization in thinking is a relatively convergent thinking mode; it allows people to think calmly and vertically.

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