Collaboration Technique: Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hat template: Collaboration Technique: Six Thinking Hats (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Detailed Six Thinking Hats Template

The six thinking hats are the research results of Dr. De Bono in the field of innovative thinking. It is  parallel and innovative thinking tools for interpersonal communication. It is also an effective way to improve team communication.

Benefits of Six Thinking Hats

Six thinking hats are a simple and time-tested thinking tool that gives people enthusiasm, courage and creativity, and makes every meeting, every discussion, every report, and every decision full of new ideas and vitality. This tool can help people:

  • Put forward a constructive point;

  • Listen to the opinions of others;

  • Think about the same problem from different angles to create efficient solutions.

  • Replace critical thinking and vertical thinking with "parallel thinking".

  • Improve the brainstorming ability of team members and provide operational tools for the integration and synergy.

The Elements of Six Thinking Hats

Six thinking hats refers to the use of six different colored hats to represent six different thinking modes. Anyone has the ability to use the following six basic thinking modes:

  • White thinking hat - White is neutral and objective. Wearing a white thinking hat, people think about focusing on objective facts and data.

  • Green thinking hat - Green represents the grass, and symbolizes the vitality. The green thinking hat symbolizes creativity and imagination. It has the functions of creative thinking, brainstorming, and thinking differently.

  • Yellow thinking hat - Yellow represents value and affirmation. Wearing a yellow thinking hat, people think about the problem positively, expressing optimistic, hopeful, and constructive views.

  • Black thinking hat - Wearing a black thinking hat, people can use negative, doubtful, and questionable views to criticize logically, express negative opinions as much as they want, and find logical errors.

  • Red thinking hat - Red is the color of emotion. Wearing a red thinking hat, people can express their emotions, and people can also express their intuition, feelings, and premonitions.

  • Blue thinking hat - The blue thinking hat is responsible for controlling and regulating the thought process. Responsible for controlling the order of using various thinking hats, planning and managing the entire thinking process, and making conclusions.

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