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Free Six Thinking Hats Guide

Why Six Thinking Hats?

In our daily life, we need to think a lot of things with our brains, especially at work. Many people often don't like meetings because they feel they often can't draw conclusions. In fact, meetings always end in a waste of time. But if we look at it from a different perspective and ask why it doesn't work in the end, don't we use some simple and effective techniques at the meeting?

The De Bono hat method, or six-hat thinking method, is a thinking method that combines group discussion with individual thinking. This kind of thinking method was proposed by Edward de Bono in his Six Thinking hats (Six Thinking hats), a book introducing thinking methods, which sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

What is Six Thinking Hats?

Six Thinking Hats are a way of Thinking. Each of the Six Hats has a different color and different Thinking tasks. In this way, in addition to solving headless Thinking, it can also improve individual Thinking ability or team communication efficiency.

Everyone has different views, if we communicate with different views. We may end up to spend a lot of time in arguing or debating, or even get stuck in a certain topic and find no solution for it.

The six thinking hats provides a simple mode of thinking, which allows us to do only one thing at a time. Starting from the same point of view, we can sort out the confused thoughts, make the topic more focused, communicate more effectively, and thus save more time for us to think and avoid wrong decisions.

The main purpose of using six thought hats is:

  • Process of focusing and improving ideas

  • Encourage creative, parallel and horizontal thinking

  • Improve communication

  • Speed ​​up decision making

  • Avoid debate

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