How to Conduct Six Thinking Hats Brainstorming

Six Thinking Hat template: How to Conduct Six Thinking Hats Brainstorming (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Timeline-Style Six Thinking Hats Template

The Six Thinking Hats is a thinking training model developed by the British scholar Dr. Edward de Bono, or a model for comprehensive thinking. The biggest obstacle to thinking is confusion. We always want to cover everything, feelings, information, logic, hope and creativity. It's like throwing a few balls at a time.

It provides a tool for "parallel thinking" to avoid wasting time on disputes. The philosophy of the six thinking hats is to seek a way forward, rather than arguing about who is right and who is wrong.

What is Six Thinking Hats?

How to Conduct Six Thinking Hats Brainstorming?

Anyone has the ability to perform the following six basic mental functions. These six functions can be compared to six colorful hats.

  1. White hat: White is neutral and objective in order to obtain facts and information. Neutral facts and data processing ability;

  2. Yellow Hat: Yellow is an optimistic hat. L is for logical positive thoughts. Optimism hat, the function of identifying positive elements in things;

  3. Black hat: Black means warning and criticism. Warning cap, the function of finding negative factors in things;

  4. Red Hat: Red is the color of emotion. About feelings, intuitions and hunches. It is often the function of forming opinions and feelings;

  5. Green Hats: Green is the color of spring. It is the color of creativity. The function of creating hats, creating problem-solving methods and ideas;

  6. Blue Hat: Blue is the color of the sky, hiding the wild. Control the whole process of things. Command hats, command other hats, manage the whole thought process

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