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Six Thinking Hats for Decision Making

Traditionally, when we talk about problems, we come up with solutions together, and then we choose the best solution together. However, some members may find that certain factors were not taken into account in the decision-making process, and then the results may later be overturned; eventually we need to revisit the issue. Six Thought Hats are designed to prevent this from happening.

What is Six Thinking Hat?

The "six thinking hats" represent six different directions of thinking:

  1. White thinking hat: (objective and neutral) - It represents information and data. Used to indicate the current situation. The representative word is "facts ".

  2. Green thinking hat: (creative divergence) - no need to consider logic. Propose solutions and assumptions to solve the problem. The representative word is " possibility ".

  3. Yellow thinking hat: (positive and optimistic) - Look for the benefits, incentives and advantages of the program. The representative word is " interest ."

  4. Black thinking hat: (Negative and criticism) - Identify errors, shortcomings, and possible consequences. The representative word is " cautious ".

  5. Red thinking hat: (emotional and impression). It does not belong to logic and facts, but human intuition. The representative word is " feeling ".

  6. Blue thinking hat: (Holistic and control) - Used to control the process and make decisions. The representative word is " global control ".

You can discuss using the following sequence of colored hats:

  1. White hat - State the current situation. 

  2. green hat - Propose a solution. 

  3. Yellow hat and black hat - Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the plan. .

  4. Red hat - Make intuitive judgments on various options. 

  5. Blue hat - Summarize the discussion and make a decision. 

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