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The six thinking hats are a role-playing model proposed by Edward de Bono in 1986. It is a team-based problem-solving and brainstorming technique that can be used to explore problems and solutions, as well as discover ideas and options that may be ignored by teams with the same thinking.             

Edward de Bono has identified six types of one-dimensional personality, or "thinking hats," although the average person usually belongs to one of them. However, the goal of the six thinking hats model is to play all six different types of roles in six separate rounds during a problem solving or brainstorming session.

Structure of Six Thinking Hats

  • White hat: analysis, objective thinking, focusing on facts and feasibility. Similarly, the white hat has a clean perspective, it is not mixed with emotion or subjectivity.       

  • Red Hat: Emotional thinking, subjective feelings, perceptions and opinions. (How to remember Red Hat: Red is the color of anger and emotion.) Red Hat allows emotion and subjectivity to dominate.         

  • Yellow hat: Optimistic Thinking , speculation, best-case scenario. They are happy, have a positive view of things, and always look forward to the best results. 

  • Black hats: Pessimistic Thinking, doubt, focus on risks and identify problems. Black hats are skeptics, pessimists look for problems in everything.              

  • Green hat: creative Thinking, associative thinking, new ideas, brainstorming, outstanding. The green hat is creative, generating many new ideas without considering feasibility.  

  • Blue hat: Holistic thinking, high-level overview of the situation, the overall situation. Imagine a person with a blue hat has a view of 20,000 feet. They can see everything from a distance and get a big picture.  


    Since each member is assigned the same hat, you don't have to worry about and confuse various parameters, just focus on the color that the hat is assigned to you. Teams can conduct research and analysis from six completely different perspectives, one at a time, which can be more focused and effective; Draw more thoughtful conclusions.

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