Understand the Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hat template: Understand the Six Thinking Hats (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Professional Six Thinking Hats Template

"Six Thinking Hats" has been popular all over the world for more than 20 years. It is the most widely used and popular thinking training mode. The goal is to guide people to "parallel thinking," which means thinking one point of view at a time, making the thought process simple and unchaotic. It urges us to divide our thinking into multiple aspects, and carry out single and sufficient thinking from different perspectives in turn. Finally, we can have a complete multiple perspectives on one thing, so that the thinking effect is more comprehensive and perfect.

The six thinking hats are:

  1. White Thinking Hat: White is a neutral color, representing neutrality and objectivity, representing neutral and objective facts and figures, such as evidence, figures and information collected in the thought process.

  2. Red Thinking Hat: Red is a warm and enthusiastic color, representing the intuition, emotion, emotion, feeling, impression, intuition and other problems in the thinking process.

  3. Yellow Thinking Hat: Yellow is the color of sunshine and optimism, representing positivity and positivity, representing optimism and constructive thinking, interest and desirability in researching a problem during the thinking process.

  4. Black thinking Hat: Black is the color of logic and negation, representing caution and negation. It represents whether the reflection of facts and judgments in the process of thinking is consistent with evidence, taking into account negative factors such as risks, difficulties and potential problems.

  5. Green thinking Hat: green is an active color, representing creativity, ingenuity, and the diversity of exploration, suggestions, suggestions, new ideas and feasibility in the thinking process.

  6. Blue thinking Hat: Blue is the calm color, representing command and control, represents the control and organization of the thought process, calmly manage the thinking procedures and steps, understand the needs, summarize and make decision

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