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What are the Six Thinking Hats?

These six thinking caps are the thinking tools proposed by the famous scholar Edouard de Bono, and they represent six different thinking angles. In terms thinking, we tend to think about many things at once. We should seek truth from facts and establish logical relations. At the same time, we should not ignore the emotional factors, which often block our thinking and prevent us from making the best judgment or choice. Six thinking hats teach you the right way to think. We don't have to do many things at once. We wear one hat at a time and think one way at a time.

The hat comes in six colors, each representing a way of thinking as described as follows:

  1. White thinking hat: this hat represents evidence, numbers, information and other issues in the process of thinking. i.e. What information do we know? What more information do we need?

  • Explanation: we must learn to adopt a neutral attitude towards facts and figures, even in the process of collection.

    1. Red thinking hat: this Hat represents emotion, emotion, feeling, premonition, intuition and other issues in the process of thinking, i.e. How do we feel about it at this moment?

  • Explanation: express the most candid feelings about things, no matter positive or negative. Don't be afraid of being criticized and be honest.

    1. Black thinking hat: this hat represents prudence in thinking, whether facts and judgments are consistent with evidence, etc, i.e. Is it safe? Is it effective? What is its feasibility?

  • Explanation: question the problem from a negative angle, and at the same time, raise vigilance to explore the potential crisis.

  1. Yellow thinking hat: this hat represents the dominant problem in thinking, the benefits, the merits, etc.

Why does it bring benefits? i.e. Explanation: this hat focuses on the positive side. Don't make negative criticism when wearing it.

  1. Green thinking hat: this hat represents exploration, proposal, suggestion, new concept and diversity of feasibility in thinking, i.e. What can we do in this respect? Are there any different views?

  • Explanation: after wearing it, you can give full play to your imagination. Its function is to release the old shackles of thinking, and you will receive unexpected effects.

  1. Blue thinking hat: this hat represents the thinking of thinking itself. i.e. controlling the whole thinking process, arranging our discussion, deciding the next thinking strategy, etc.

  • Explanation: the function is to control the whole thinking process, organize and coordinate the general direction with a calm and macro attitude.

Tips and Tricks of Using Six Thinking Hats

  • First, remember the characteristics and functions of the six hats;

  • Wear only one color hat at a time;

  • After wearing it, you can only use this hat to think;

  • There is no order or time limit;

  • It can be worn over and over again, or used alternately. It is very free to use;

  • Take it off after use and replace it with another one.

  • Keep in mind the characteristics of the six thinking hats, keep a clear way of thinking, and avoid confusing the six characteristics.

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