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Perform Four Corners Analysis Online

Four Corners Diagram, known as Four Corners Model, is a strategic analysis tool that helps determine a competitor's course of action by predicting future moves of your competitors based on your own strategic move. The 'four corners' refers to four diagnostic components that are essential to competitor analysis: future goals (also called drivers); current strategy; management assumptions; and capabilities. Understanding these four components can help you to predict how a competitor may respond to a given situation.

The Four Corners Analysis tool provided by Visual Paradigm Online lets you create Four Corners Analysis diagram easily and quickly. By using InfoArt, you can focus on listing the items. InfoArt will then form a diagram based on the information entered.


InfoArt - Automated diagram formation

Easily develop Four Corners Analysis diagram using InfoArt. Just concentrate on listing the items. InfoArt will automatically present the information you entered in a professionally-looked Four Corners Analysis diagram. No further touch-up is needed for font setting and shape appearance.

InfoArt - Automated diagram formation