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Benefits of Education

Education is one of the most significant investments that a nation will make in the future. It is an important driver of transformation, health and livelihood development, the promotion of social cohesion and long-term economic growth. Societies with higher graduation rates and higher levels of education tend to be stable, have higher rates of economic prosperity, lower rates of crime and higher levels of equality.

More Employment Opportunities

It is not easy to find a job, particularly in times of economic instability. You also need to compete with hundreds of other job candidates. Higher education enables people to specialize in certain disciplines, thereby opening up a wide variety of earning opportunities.

Fighting Poverty

Many children who live in extreme poverty do not have access to fundamental schooling, and lack of education is a root cause of poverty. Study shows, countries with high literacy rates provide high per capita income for people. In comparison, developing countries, where a significant percentage of residents live below the poverty line, tend to have high rates of illiteracy.

Many of these educational advantages are interrelated because they collectively improve the individual's living environment. Sadly, there are many countries in the world where educational opportunities are limited, despite all the benefits of education. Due to lack of funds and nearby schools, many children lost the opportunity to receive education. Failure to receive an education can lead to more serious problems, such as hunger, injustice, and even abuse and crime.

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