How to prepare a salad? You can first choose the veggies and fruits that you like. Wash the greens and let them dry. After that, you can mix the greens with the crunch and source in the big bowl. And finally, you can taste it! This is a YouTube thumbnail designed for salad recipes. It is a minimal thumbnail design for sharing salad recipes on YouTube. In this design, two images of salad are designed as the background design. The images of salad are shown by photo grids neatly and clearly. A circle shape with headings inside is designed in the middle of the thumbnail. It is a clever way to catch people's eyes with the design of the heading in the middle of the thumbnail. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With the online design tool in Visual Paradigm Online, you can design graphics with your images by photo collage. You can just simply any kind of photo collage or photo grid from the palette, then you can drag the images on the photo grids in a fast way. 

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Cooking Dairy

Easy Salad Recipes - Episode 01

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