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Graphic Design (InfoART) Combo Advance Starter Free
Infographic editor
Flyer editor
Poster editor
Resume editor
Brochure editor
Invitation editor
Basic design templates
Premium design templates
Partition content with layout elements
Export design as JPG, PNG * ^
Export design as Hi-Res PNG *
Export design as PDF * ^
Pre-made design blocks All (Over 300) 100 basic design blocks 100 basic design blocks 100 basic design blocks
Basic and advanced shapes All (Over 100) 50+ basic shapes 50+ basic shapes 50+ basic shapes
InfoART elements All (Over 100) 50+ basic InfoART 50+ basic InfoART 50+ basic InfoART
Customizable InfoART theme
Over 1.5 million free stock photos
Over 20,000 free icons and illustrations
Thousands of isometric shapes
Visualize stats and figures with charts All (32 chart types) 14 chart types 14 chart types 14 chart types
Heatmap-based geographical maps All (220 maps) 16 maps 16 maps 16 maps
Over 100 well designed text widgets
Apply Sketch effect on general shapes (e.g. UML, Flowchart, etc)
Apply Sketch effect on chart
Apply Sketch effect on InfoART
Apply Sketch effect on artwork
Google fonts support
Hyperlinks insertion
Diagram revision history
Watermark removal for premium graphic assets
Diagramming Combo Advance Starter Free
Software design
UML diagrams
ER diagram (ERD)
SysML requirement diagram
SysML block definition diagram
SysML internal block diagram
SysML parametric diagram
Robustness diagram
Enterprise Integration Patterns
Data flow diagram (DFD)
Yourdon DeMarco DFD
Yourdon and Coad diagram
Gane Sarson diagram
Business design
BPMN business process diagram (BPD)
ArchiMate diagram
Business concept diagram
System context diagram
Problem flow diagram
Information flow diagram
Affinity diagram
Marketing funnel
ToFu, MoFu, BoFu
AIDA funnel
Kotter's 8-Step Change Model
Brand Essence Wheel
Circular flow diagram
ITIL diagram
EPC diagram
Causal loop diagram
Stock and Flow Diagram
Enterprise architecture diagram
Lewin's change model
Empathy Map
Customer Journey Mapping
Value stream mapping
Basic flowchart
Swimlane diagram
Cross-functional flowchart
SDL diagram
Audit flowchart
Accounting flowchart
Data visualization
Column chart
Bar chart
Line chart
Pie chart
Doughnut chart
Area chart
Scatter chart
Bubble chart
Radar chart
Pictorial chart
Pyramid chart
Funnel chart
Semi Doughnut
Gauge chart
Radial chart
Rose chart
Geo map
Heat map
Tree map
Control chart
Pareto chart
Project management
Arrow diagram
Stakeholder matrix
Solution selection matrix
MoSCoW Method
Work breakdown structure
Gantt chart
PERT chart
NASA project lifecycle
Organization chart
Organization chart
Family tree
Kinship diagram
Pedigree chart
Six Sigma / Quality management
Defect Concentration Diagram
Critical to Quality Tree (CTQ Tree)
Threat model
PICK diagram
TQM diagram
Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
SIPOC diagram
UX design
Site map diagram
iOS wireframe
Material Design wireframe
Android wireframe
Bootstrap wireframe
Mockups wireframe
Atlassian wireframe
Wired UI diagram
Fluent Design wireframe
User flow (Mobile app)
User flow (Website)
Floor plan
Floor plan designer
Bathroom floor plan template
Bedroom floor plan template
Home office floor plan template
Work office floor plan template
Kitchen floor plan template
Living room floor plan template
Dining room floor plan template
Restroom floor plan template
Seating chart
Network diagram
Network diagram
Rack diagram
Cloud service architecture
AWS architecture diagram
Microsoft Azure architecture diagram
Google Cloud Platform diagram
IBM Cloud architecture diagram
Alibaba Cloud architecture diagram
Huawei Cloud architecture diagram
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure diagram
Tencent Cloud architecture diagram
Logic diagram
Basic electrical diagram
Circuit diagram
Wiring diagram
Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
Block Flow Diagram
Mind mapping
Round-Robin Brainstorming
Lotus diagram
Star Diagram
Disney's Creativity Strategy
Concept map diagram
Bubble diagram
Cluster diagram
Circle map
Bridge map
Flow map
Diamond ranking
PMI chart
Concept fan
Topic map
Six Thinking Hats
Reverse brainstorming
Stepladder technique
T Chart
X Chart
Y Chart
Strategic analysis
SWOT analysis
Vision and Strategy
BCG matrix
McKinsey 7S framework
GE McKinsey matrix
Ansoff Matrix
Perceptual map
Strategy canvas
Ohmae's 3C model
Strategy map
Balanced Scorecard
SOAR analysis
TOWS Analysis
Competitor analysis
Value chain analysis
PEST analysis
Five forces analysis
Four corners analysis
Analysis canvas
Business Model Canvas
Basic sticky notes
Analysis canvas tool
All sticky notes and memos
Customize your own canvas
Decision analysis
Influence diagram
Force Field Analysis
Futures wheel
Decision tree
Problem solving
Interrelationship diagram
5 Whys
Driver diagram
How-How diagram
Why-Why diagram
Root cause analysis
Current Reality Tree
Future Reality Tree
Transition Tree
Prerequisite Tree
Evaporating Cloud
Process map
Process map editor
Over 40 business & technical process templates [Show All]
Unlimited rows and columns
Configurable data format: text, list, bullet, etc
Mergeable cells
Use image in cells
Data visualization using charts
Inter-referencing of cell items
General diagrams
Block diagram
KWL chart
Reframing matrix
Eisenhower matrix
Dichotomous key
Venn diagram
Euler diagram
Timeline diagram
Images export (PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG) * ^
Hi-Res PNG export *
PDF export * ^
Apply Sketch effect on general shapes (e.g. UML, Flowchart, etc)
Apply Sketch effect on chart
Diagram Legend
Diagram revision history
Spreadsheet Editor (Tabular) Combo Advance Starter Free
Spreadsheet Templates All (Over 160) 110 basic templates 110 basic templates 110 basic templates
Spreadsheet Editor
Formula and calculation
Color and styling options
Named range
Selective values
Bullet point editing
Focus-able range editing
Editing control on active range
Embed a document in web page
Export and import records via MS Excel
Share active cell range
Form Builder Combo Advance Starter Free
Drag-and-drop form editor
Max. number of forms Unlimited 5 5 5
Max. number of fields per form Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Collect data via embedded form
Collect data via URL of form
Max. number of collectors Unlimited 5 5 5
Max. number of responses (per form) 10,000 500 500 500
Download results as CSV
Customize form layout
Customize form color and background
Customize format of form fields
SSL secure form submission
Antispam protection
Interoperability Combo Advance Starter Free
Office Add-in: Embed diagrams in PowerPoint, Word, etc
Visio stencil import
Visio drawing import
Collaboration Combo Advance Starter Free
Cloud workspace
Member management
Project management
Google Drive integration
Real-time synchronization
Comment and Review
Administrative Combo Advance Starter Free
Single sign-on (SSO) 2.0 integrations
Active Directory (AD) authentication
LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Kerberos authentication
Member permissions
Sign in with Google
Sign in with Microsoft
Multilingual interface

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^ VP Online Free Edition is free for personal and non-commercial use only. Watermark will appear on images / PDF content produced from Free Edition.

* During evaluation, watermark will appear on images / PDF content produced. The watermark will disappear automatically in paid mode.


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