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An Information Flow Diagram (IFD) shows how information is communicated/flowed from a source to a receiver through some medium. The Information Flow Diagram software of VP Online is a web based Information Flow Diagram tool, with a drag and drop interface to effortlessly create Information Flow Diagrams. It comes with all the standard elements you need to create Information Flow Diagram for various platforms.

VP Online provides you with a large collection of free Information Flow Diagram (IFD) templates. You can start creating your own Information Flow Diagrams with the templates for free. Followings are some of these templates. Simply click on the Edit button to get start.

Feature Highlights

We offer a full stack of intuitive and powerful features. Take a look at some of the key features below.

Easy Diagramming

Diagrams can be created with drag-and-drop. Shapes can be aligned accurately with alignment guide.

Integrate with Office

We integrated with tools you already use. Make Information Flow Diagram and embed it directly to MS Word, PowerPoint and more.

Import Visio Drawing & Templates

Import Visio files quickly into VP Online, the leading Visio alternative. It costs less, is easier to use, and works for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Rich Export Options

A wide range of image and document export options to support your sharing and publishing needs. PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF and PDF are supported.

Easy Start Templates

Create fast, professional looking Information Flow Diagrams with VP Online's large library of Information Flow Diagram templates.

Work Better Together

You and your team can work together under the same workspace. Real-time sync. support makes it possible for multiple members to work on same diagram.

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