You can create education prospectus flipbook like this

Paint a Picture

Create adveristments and unified brand image.

Brochures are a powerful tool for showcasing the unique identity of your school. With the use of brand elements such as colors, fonts, and messaging, you can reinforce your school's identity and create a lasting impression on potential families. Beyond this, flyers, newsletters, ads, posters, and other materials can also allow you to communicate your school's mission, values, and culture.

Digital Presentation

Web-based PPT Viewer

Accessed PowerPoint Presentation from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for students to review and study course material at their own pace. Additionally, online presentations can be easily shared and collaborated on, allowing for more flexibility and interactivity in the learning process.

Custom Branding

Customize your marketing materials with your unique branding and custom links.

Maximize your school's branding potential by customizing links to seamlessly integrate with your website. With our solution, you can ensure a consistent look and feel across all your education marketing materials and effectively showcase your school's brand at every opportunity.


Harness the Power of Interactive Annotations

Annotations in a presentation can be used to get the audience involved and keep them engaged. Presenters can encourage attendees to interact with the slides by asking questions, pointing out specific areas for discussion, or even letting them write down their thoughts directly on the slides. This makes the presentation more interactive and exciting for everyone. It creates a back-and-forth interaction where attendees actively participate and share their ideas, making the whole experience more dynamic and enjoyable.

Share Your Education Materials Anywhere

Direct Link Sharing

Use various platforms to easily share promotional materials and extend your school's marketing reach.

Embed on Website / Blog

Streamline the exploration of school promotions by seamlessly incorporating them.

Share via Email

Connect with your school community directly through personalized email promotions.