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Create professional infographics, flyers and marketing visuals in minutes, with no design experience!

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All-in-one visual design tool

Easily create impactful infographics, flyers, posters, resumes, and brochures. Create like a pro, with InfoART's all-in-one visual design solution.

The way to create beautiful designs

Step 1

Select template

Select from hundreds of professionally-designed templates that have done 90% of the work for you.

Step 2

Make it your own

Customize it with our repository of cliparts, icons, stock photo, charts and maps.

Step 3


Download your design in major graphical format, share it, embed it on a web page.

Get work done with minimal time and effort

Create professional content faster with better:

  • Features: Layout component and drag-and-drop editor makes it fast to create and re-edit any design.
  • In-tool resources: Save time in finding photos or cliparts because everything you need is already included in InfoART. Simply perform a search to get it.
  • Templates: You don't need to spend time on designing because a rich set of professionally designed templates are available.

Everything your need to create stunning visuals

Electrify your designs with a wide variety of photos, illustrations and cliparts. The vector-based graphics make them look good at any size.

Hundreds of templates

Millions of high quality photos and icons

200+ charts and maps

Hundreds of customizable design components

Create beautiful designs on-the-fly

No credit card required. No contracts to cancel. No downloads. No hidden costs.

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