Creative Workshop Poster 2-Part Cartoon Poster With Design Of Sky

Creative Workshop Poster

Creativity is something that necessary for improvement. However, is it a kind of talent that we have no way to improve? In fact, creativity is something that we can "train". Here are some tips that we can improve our creativity:

  1. Learning - all of our ideas are knowledge-based, if we do not have such "idea" in our brain, there is no way for us to think about it.

  2. Taking reference - It does not mean that we should copy other's ideas. Just take reference on how they get out of their comfort zone and try something new. Then think about how we can do that by our own way.

Here is a poster designed for creative workshop. Graphic of sky is used as the background of the design, fitting the slogan showing on the top of it. Graphic of a hand holding a bulb is shown on the design, representing the idea of "having creative ideas". Title and the content of the workshop are listed on the right of the design. By the poster maker of Visual Paradigm Online, all elements of the design are customizable, including text, image, graphic and color. Composition of the design is also editable, we can change the design according to our needs. Start your creation now and design poster for a creative workshop!

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Dominant Color
1654 x 2339 px

Sky is the limit

Creative Workshop

Central Event Hall


Nov 15 2020

[email protected]

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