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Edit PDF Documents

Intelligent OCR recognition technology

Transform financial documents into editable formats with ease by utilizing OCR technology. With the OCR technology you can effortlessly convert your scanned financial documents into editable formats such as Excel, Word, Text, and more, making the most out of this feature.

Online Presentation

View your PowerPoint Presentation Online

Present your financial documents online with our PowerPoint Web Viewer. It's remarkably effortless to showcase a slide show online, and all that's necessary for both you and your viewers is an internet connection; PowerPoint is not a requirement! After connecting, you may launch the presentation just as you usually would.

Charts & Stats

Create Interactive Charts with Visual Graphic Designer

Visualize your data and statistics with professional charts online. With our chart maker, you have the ability to personalize your chart to align with your organization's branding colors and fonts, or select colors that complement your subject matter. Effortlessly tailor everything from font types and colors to the placement of titles and legends with just a few clicks.


Transforming Engagement with Interactive Annotations

Harnessing the potential of annotations in a presentation, presenters can effectively engage the audience. By incorporating interactive elements such as questions, discussion prompts, and the ability to write directly on the slides, attendees are encouraged to actively participate. This interactive dynamic creates a captivating experience, where attendees become active contributors, sharing their thoughts and ideas. The result is a vibrant and enjoyable presentation that keeps everyone involved throughout.

Share Your Financial Documents Anywhere

Direct Link Sharing

Sharing your finance documents has become incredibly effortless. You can promptly duplicate and distribute a link to everyone through various channels.

Embed on Website / Blog

Adding your finance documents to your website allows customers to seamlessly browse through pages without any interruptions.

Share via Email

You can also share your finance document by directly emailing it to potential buyers.