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Manage business data, track budgets, and analyze business finances with a powerful online spreadsheet editor.

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Create and edit spreadsheets with ease

Edit any Excel files and spreadsheet files online with a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Publish your worksheet online and keep them organized with virtual bookshelves.

Data tracking and analysis

Start with a blank spreadsheet, or upload an Excel file and start editing as you would with any spreadsheet editors. You can use familiar features and functions you already knew from Excel, Google Sheets and OpenOffice for intensive data analysis and tracking.

Publish & share as flipbook

Provide your audiences with a better reading experience by publishing your spreadsheet as digital flipbooks. You can also create virtual shelves to organize your publications.

Collaboration made easy

Our cloud workspace makes collaboration easy and effortless. You can invite your team, set their permissions, and start working together in minutes. Team members can work on the same project or be assigned to different projects.

Manage spreadsheets in projects

Set up multiple projects to better manage your spreadsheets. You can create projects for the different clients you support or based on the nature of the files.

Edit spreadsheets online

The cloud-based spreadsheet tool allows you to view and edit files anytime, anywhere, from your web browser.

Perfectly compatible with MS Office

Our spreadsheet editor is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and OpenOffice Calc formats. You can create, read and edit spreadsheets in formats such as .xlsx, .xls, .csv, .ods, etc.

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