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Design from Scratch

Design an impressive flipbook with a drag-and-drop flipbook designer and tones of pre-made graphic assets.

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Enhance your audience experience by converting your PDF, PowerPoint, Word and EBooks to flipbooks.

Virtual bookshelves

Catalog your publications with beautiful bookshelves. You can personalize the shelf with custom theme and style.

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Whether you want to convert your publication into an online flip book or create a stunning flip book from scratch, for business or personal purposes, our flipbook maker has you covered.

Flipbook Templates

Create eBooks, reports, brochure, photo album and any kind of digital publications with our designer-made templates.

Intuitive Designer

Unleash your creativity by designing your own flipbooks, through our professional flipbook design platform.

Graphic Assets

We offer a rich collection of illustrations, effects, and stock photos to make your flipbooks unique and attractive.

Virtual Bookshelf

Catalog your publications with virtual bookshelves. Personalize the shelf with custom theme and decoration objects.

Turn Files into Flipbook

Enhance your audience's reading experience by turning your brochures, catalogs, eBooks and reports into digital flipbooks that can be easily shared and viewed through any web browser and mobile device.

  • Instant PDF to flipbook conversion
  • 40+ file formats: PPT, EBook, Word and more
  • Fast upload and conversion speed

Animated Flipbooks

Engage your customers with an immersive reading experience. Add animation effects to shapes, photos and text in your publications. These animations will play automatically as readers flip through the pages.

Stunning flipbook templates

It doesn't matter what kind of digital document you need - they all look perfect in flipbook format. Try it yourself. Start creating your own flipbook with the templates below.

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Make catalogs, books, photo books, and any kind of publication smarter with our flipbook maker.

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Create a Flipbook

Start by uploading and converting a document to flipbook, or design it on your own.

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Publish your document as an online flipbook.

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Share your book on social media, email, your website or anywhere else you wish!

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Visual Paradigm is trusted by companies of Fortune 500. Ready to connect with millions of target users?

Online bookshelves

Catalog your publications with beautiful bookshelves. You can personalize the shelf with custom theme and style.


Supported on different browsers and devices with auto adjusted size of books and bookshelves.

Flipbook editor

An online design tool to create your publications. It packs the most advanced features in a simple drag and drop interface.

Public vs Private sharing

Let your publication accessible by the public, or get a URL to share your book with family, coworkers and friends.

Download PDF

Convert a flipbook to PDF, the global standard for reliably viewing, printing, signing and commenting.

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Business Owner


I consider Visual Paradigm one of the best tools to present myself as a creative one worldwide.

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I consider Visual Paradigm one of the best tools to present myself as a creative one worldwide.