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Key benefits and features

Create online flipbooks

Design visually appealing e-books, reports, and various documents online with our intuitive visual E-book designer.

Convert files into flipbooks

Transform your PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and E-books into captivating flipbooks.

Publish and share effortlessly

Share your flipbooks seamlessly through channels such as links, social platforms, embedded books, QR codes, and more.

Self-hosted flipbooks

Take control of your publications by self-hosting them on your own domain.

Annotate with ease

Add annotations to your content in real-time as you present, utilizing tools like pens, highlighters, and more.

Virtual bookshelves

Catalog your publications with beautiful bookshelves. You can personalize the shelf with custom theme and style.

Animated Flipbooks

Engage your customers with an immersive reading experience. Add animation effects to shapes, photos and text in your publications. These animations will play automatically as readers flip through the pages.

Self-hosted flipbooks

With self-hosting, you have complete control over your flipbooks, ensuring security, customization, and branding. Engage readers with seamless page-flipping animations and provide an unforgettable reading experience.

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Add interactive and engaging annotations

Annotations can be used to encourage audience participation and engagement. Presenters can invite attendees to interact with the slides by asking questions, pointing out specific areas for discussion, or encouraging them to write down their thoughts or ideas directly on the slides. This creates an interactive experience and fosters active engagement during the presentation.

Mobile friendly book reader

Experience the convenience of a mobile-friendly book reader, allowing you to enjoy your favorite books on the go. Our responsive design ensures optimal reading experiences on various mobile devices.

Creating flipbook with ease

Whether you want to convert your publication into an online flip book or create a stunning flip book from scratch, for business or personal purposes, our flipbook maker has you covered.

Online Flipbook Designer

Design an impressive flipbook with a drag-and-drop flipbook designer and tones of pre-made graphic assets.

Convert Flipbooks from Files

Enhance your audience experience by converting your PDF, PowerPoint, Word and EBooks to flipbooks.

Flipbook Templates

Create eBooks, reports, brochure, photo album and any kind of digital publications with our designer-made templates.

Graphic Assets

We offer a rich collection of illustrations, effects, and stock photos to make your flipbooks unique and attractive.

Stunning flipbook templates

It doesn't matter what kind of digital document you need - they all look perfect in flipbook format. Try it yourself. Start creating your own flipbook with the templates below.

Publish and Sharing

Showcase your flipbooks across a diverse range of platforms and channels, reaching a wider audience. From websites to social media and beyond, share your flipbooks seamlessly and captivate readers across multiple channels.

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  • Share on social platforms
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How to Make Stunning Flipbook Online

Make catalogs, books, photo books, and any kind of publication smarter with our flipbook maker.

Create a Flipbook

Start by uploading and converting a document to flipbook, or design it on your own.


Publish your document as an online flipbook.


Self Hosted

Host your flipbooks on your own server.


Share your book on social media, email, your website or anywhere else you wish!

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I consider Visual Paradigm one of the best tools to present myself as a creative one worldwide.

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I consider Visual Paradigm one of the best tools to present myself as a creative one worldwide.