Stunning Virtual Bookshelf

Our flipbook editor lets you create beautiful virtual bookshelf and share it as a link with your friends and co-workers.

Design your first book Convert from file

Organize your books

Easily insert and organize ebooks in your bookshelf via drag and drop. You can also create multiple bookshelves based on book types or genres.

Display your PDFs, PPTs and other documents

Design your eBooks with our flipbook maker, or upload files and convert them into digital publications. No matter what kind of publication you create, our electronic bookshelf is the perfect way to manage and share your book collection.

Bookshelf customizations

Different book types carries different vibes. Personalize your bookshelf to reflect your book collection. There are various themes and backgrounds for you to choose from and select a bookshelf outlook that suits you best.

Decorate with accessories

Small decorative items and accessories are can freshen a bookshelf, bring readers a big visual impact. We feature a rich collection of high quality decoration items that are readily available to fill up your bookshelf. Lack ideas? Try the randomization function to let our engine detect the best way to utilize the empty slots in your shelf.

Share as a link

Each published bookshelf has its own unique link. You can share this link via social media or post it online for others to gain direct access to your bookshelf. Anyone with this link can see your book collection and read the books that are stored in that particular bookshelf.