Free Flipbook Maker

Create catalog, ebook, CV, photo albums online. Publish as flipbook and with friends, colleagues and partners.

Viewing a book

A seamless book reading experience with an online book viewer and digital bookshelf.

Smooth online book reading experience

Reading online is no longer a boring experience. Through our professional flipbook maker, your books will present with realistic page-flip effect. Read the books by turning the pages instead of scrolling. Thumbnails are also provided for selecting the pages quickly.

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Organize books with bookshelf

Show your book in an interesting way! Online bookshelf is provided to manage your books and present them to the others. Management of the bookshelf is clear and simple. Group your books and set the order of them, audience can then easily look through your creations.

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Customizable bookshelf theme

There is no problem if you want the design of your bookshelf to fit the topics of your books. Bookshelf in different designs are provided. Customize the theme as your favor by matching them with background in different style, such as business, floral, nature patter, etc.

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Reading Mode

Distraction-free reading experience. Get rid of all the distracting graphics and ads, so you can focus on the content itself.

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Customize a book

Design your eBook, catalog and photo albums from scratch with our intuitive visual design tool.

Adding Interactions

Let your audience engage with your flipbook. Add interactions to different elements on the page and users can click to access other content or open url links. This is a great way to promote your products or your brand.

Intuitive eBook maker

Online flipbook maker is a professional tool that support creating books form scratch instead of just converting the document from other format. Plenty of customizable templates are provided as reference of the design. Finish your book and share it in our flipbook library!

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Wide range of book templates

There are plenty of book templates in our tool, such as report, booklet, catalog, lookbook, photo book, etc. All templates are customizable, you can change the images, font, colour and also the composition of the templates, which makes book creation be an easier work.

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Animated flipbook

Spice up your flipbook with some lively animations. Attract more audience and keep them engage by adding some creative animations to your flipbook.

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Page Transitions

Page Transitions brings your presentations to life! Impress your audience with stunning animation effects as you move from slide to slide. With 70+ transition effects to choose from, including fade and wipe, and the ability to customize the speed and direction of transitions, you'll have everything you need to create presentations that captivate and engage your audience. Whether you're delivering a professional business presentation or creating a visual story, Page Transitions will take your presentations to the next level!

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A massive of design assets

Assets in different categories are provided in the tool. Photos and artworks are commonly used for decoration and graphic design while InfoArt and chart can be used to display data. More and more assets are waiting for you to explore, choose the one that fit your needs in your creation.

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Publishing & sharing a book

Publish your flipbook to our online library. Share your catalog publicly and privately with others.

Share with URL

When you export your flipbook, a URL will be generated. You can then share your creation in a convenient way by giving the link. Without any request or limitation, people can directly enter the page of your flipbook through the URL and enjoy your works.

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Share via social media

If you want to promote your works, sharing them via social media is also an efficient way. Our tool provides a series of shortcut for sharing. A short message will be generated during the process, you can also edit the message to share your ideas in the post, which can make it be more attractive.

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Send invitations to readers

Invite others to see your newly created flipbook via email.

Your content is protected

Lock your flipbook by password protection. Only readers with the password can get access to your flipbook.

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Invite specific readers via email

Share your flipbook with selected readers and invite them via email. Also use password to protect its content.

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Invite and share your flipbook

Enter multiple readers to invite them to view your flipbook. Personalize your message and get instant preview while you type.

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How to Convert your documents

Convert your documents into flipbooks in 30 seconds



Select the file you wish to convert and start converting.



Once converted you can read your flipbook and publish it.



It's Published! Share it via social media or embed it to websites.