Distraction-free book reader

Enjoy a more focused reading experience with the eye-friendly reading mode.

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Customize your reading experience

Choose the font size and preferred background color to suit your reading preference with just a few clicks.

Our flipbook maker relaxes your eyes with three different color modes. You can easily toggle between colors depending on where you are reading and the easiest color to read for the light environment you're in.

Staying focus

We are constantly taking in new information throughout the day. These medium contains various header and footer ads, inline links, or eye catching banners.

Using Reading Mode can help you stay focus on the main content by eliminating ads, graphics, and other unwanted distractions. That way you can keep your mind focus on the content you are viewing.

How to enable reading mode?

The reading mode is enabled from within the flipbook viewer. Here are the steps in specific:

  • Open a flipbook created with Visual Paradigm Online's flipbook maker.
  • Click on the sunglass button in the control bar to enter the reading mode.
  • You can change the font and background through the tools on the left.

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