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Visual Paradigm Online was designed to give you the best online diagramming experience.

Online flowchart maker

Simple and intuitive diagram editor

Creating professional drawing is easier than you think. With few drags, you get a beautiful and professional-looked diagram that can express your idea well.

Drag to create shape

Create shape and the line connecting it with just one drag. It’s direct, intuitive and time saving.

Alignment guide

The guides appear as you drag a shape on a diagram in alignment with another shape, helping you to place shapes precisely.

Drag to create shape

Many diagrams for different purposes

VP Online supports a wide range of visualization needs, from software design, data modeling, business process mapping, strategic analysis, mind mapping to project scheduling, and is widely adopted in different sectors like business, education, and social units.

Intuitive Chart Maker

Build any chart easily by entering the values and categories into an intuitive spreadsheet editor. As you input, the chart will be instantly refreshed to reflect the data. Chart editing is simple, straight-forward and fast!
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  • Spreadsheet-like editor for easy data editing
  • Rich set of formatting options
  • Wide variety of chart type support
  • Instant chart type conversion
  • Import data from Microsoft Excel
Intuitive Chart Maker

Process Map Designer

A powerful Process Map Editor designed to support a wide variety of process mapping needs.
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  • Business process mapping
  • Framework definition
  • Roadmap creation
  • Schedule and timetable creation
  • As analysis tool (e.g. Product comparison table)
  • Customer Journey Map
Process Map Designer

Smart Dashboard

Visualize data into valuable insights. Build dashboards and perform ad-hoc data analyses with few clicks.
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  • Drag and drop to resize and move components
  • Auto-scaled and auto-fit dashboard component
  • Hundreds of charts and visuals to include
  • Intuitive spreadsheet-like editor for chart data editing
  • Chunking content into multi-pages
Smart Dashboard

Powerful editing and formatting tools

Style your drawing to match your company's corporate identity or your personal needs. VP Online supports a large set of editing functions, from standard functions like copy & paste, grouping, fill and line format, to advanced options like shape rotation, alignment, etc.

  • Solid and gradient fill and line color
  • Align and distribute shapes
  • Drag to increase and remove space, using 'Spacer'
  • Present the intersections of connectors as line jumps
  • Grouping
Powerful editing and formatting tools

Draw with your own shapes

VP Online supports hundreds of shape types from various standards, and you can add even more by using the import function. You can create a palette consisting of your stencils in image formats (e.g. SVG, JPG, PNG, etc) and use them in your design.

Draw diagrams online, with your own shapes

Turn a list into a drawing. Automatically.

The InfoArt shape turns an ordinary list of items into something visually appealing. As you type in the list, the diagram is formed from the items and continuously updated with the components and text automatically positioned.

With InfoArt, you can spend your time on analyzing, not drawing, but yet keeping the outcome professional and beautiful.

Use InfoArt for quick shape creation

Advanced printing and exporting

Your drawing can be printed and exported into images (PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF) or PDF. Multiple export options are available for you to configure the zoom ratio, transparency of background and diagram border of output.

Wide range of image formats in export

Team Collaboration

You are given a cloud-based workspace where members and projects are organized and accessible. Team members can create drawings collaboratively and simultaneously under the same project. They can even edit on the same drawing without ruining the others' work, thanks to the real-time synchronization support.

Synchronization of design changes in VP Online

Customer Journey Map

Map out a customer journey, study customer's behavior and thoughts, and look for improvements.
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  • Intuitive Customer Journey Map editor
  • Persona support
  • Customer experience charts
  • Emotion charts (with smiley faces)
  • Bar charts
  • Area charts
  • Maintain references among cell items
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Customer Journey Map

Details make perfection

The features above already makes VP Online an outstanding online drawing tool that goes way beyond what is at all possible with other drawing software. But on top of this you get a vast array of other features.

Diagram Layers

Layers are like sheets of stacked transparencies. You can place different kinds of diagram content on the layers, and optionally show or hide them in different situations.

Configurable Palette

Express ideas with no limitation. Our palette is flexible enough that lets you incorporate any kind of shapes into any drawing types.

Hundreds of Diagram Templates

Start quickly by editing from an existing diagram templates. Hundreds of ready-to-use templates for flowcharts, ERD, organizational charts and UML, are ready.

Re-usable Shapes

Create your own custom shapes, put them in libraries and reuse them in different diagrams. This not only saves your time but also makes your work consistent.


Make your drawing more readable by creating multiple drawing pages and distributing the content into the pages.


Switch the user interface of VP Online to a preferred language. VP Online is currently translated into 36 languages, which includes English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.

Visio Stencils Import

Import your Visio stencils (.vssx, .vsdx) into VP Online, put them in libraries and use them in your drawing.

Visio Drawing Import

Drawing can be smooth and easy. Simply import your Visio drawing into VP Online and carry on editing in our intuitive online drawing editor. VP Online is the best Microsoft Visio® alternative.

Google Drive Integration

Easily save, share and collaborate by storing your drawing to Google Drive.

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