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Other powerful and essential features


Split large and complex diagram into multiple pages.


Create layers to separate views and related element groups.

Insert image and URL

Embed image and clickable URLs to your diagram.

Diagram link

Establish traceability among diagrams. Make a shape links to another diagram.

Format Copier

Click-to-apply all the format settings from one shape to another.

Mass shape copy

Form a shape pattern with the drag-and-drop mass copy feature.


Auto-save diagrams changes, reducing the risk of data loss.


A visual guide that helps you line shapes up more easily.


Sketch shapes with pen, touch or mouse.

2000+ fully editable templates

To create diagrams from scratch may take you a bit of time. Our free diagram templates remove all the hassle and make it easy to create beautiful and professional diagrams in just a few minutes.

2000+ fully editable templates
Browse all diagram templates

Define your own diagram types

VP Online Diagram ships with over 200 diagram types. If that is not enough, you can even define your own. All you need is to construct a new custom diagram type, and then construct the palette by defining new shapes, or tap into our giant repository of shapes to select the ones you need.

Define your own diagram types

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