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An online Site Map diagram tool for creating fast, clear visual sitemaps and more!

Create Site Map Diagrams online

Design your website's architectures and page flow with VP Online's powerful Site Map Diagram tool (aka. sitemap diagram tool). Our Site Map Diagram tool comes with a full set of Site Map Diagram icons and connectors that allows you to easily design your site's architectures. Without a doubt, Visual Paradigm Online is the best Site Map Diagram software to create Site Map Diagrams.

A rich collection of Site Map Diagram template and example are provided to help you get a head-start when creating your own Site Map Diagrams. Following are some of these templates. Click Edit to start now. No registration needed!

Feature Highlights

All the tools you need to create, manage and share your Site Map Diagrams.

Easiest Diagram Maker

Diagrams can be created with drag-and-drop. Shapes can be aligned accurately with alignment guide.

Diagrams in MS Products

VP Online integrates with Microsoft products. You can include technical or business drawing in document and presentation.

Import Visio Drawing & Templates

You don't have to recreate old Visio documents. Just import and start editing. You can then enjoy the ease of working in VP Online!

Rich Export Formats

Wide range of diagram export options – PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF.

Pro. Designed Templates

Rich set of professionally-designed Sitemap templates make you instantly productive.

Effortness Collaboration

Share and edit diagrams with team members concurrently to collaborate on your best ideas.

More than just Site Map Diagram tool

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Create diagrams and charts in a simple and flexible way.

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