Form Builder

Easy-to-use form creator that integrates with intuitive drag and drop UI.

Easy Form Creation

Create your forms quickly with the drag-and-drop form editor. Simply drag the fields you need into your form. A vast collection of basic and advanced form fields like text, drop down, multiple choice are provided. Our builder is made for every day user without having to deal with complicated coding and programming.

Alignment Guide

Place form fields at the place you want - accurately and neatly.

Form Fields at the Right Places

No more guessing and misplacing. An alignment guide will appear as you drag a form field around, indicating the position of field which the element will be placed if you release your mouse button that instant.

Layout Adjustment

Adjust the portion of form fields easily through dragging the guide in between two fields. The result will reflect instantly as you drag across the form.

Instant Previewer

Just a single click to view the form as if you are the end user. You can find out the optimal set up of fields with sample data, make improvements to the content and layout by completing a form from the view of a user.

Template Collections

Choose from a vast collection of form templates to create registration forms, order forms, feedback forms and more. You can always make further customization to make the form yours.

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