UML Use Case Diagram: Order Process System

UML Use Case Diagram: Order Process System Editar este modelo
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Why the use case driven approach applies to the entire SDLC?

The use case model is the conceptual center of the entire SDLC, as it drives every development activity that follows. Use case driven approach can lead you all the way from analysis to design, and subsequently to development and testing:

  • Developing a problem statement for the target system

  • Capturing requirements - Use case identification (scoping and partitioning of the problem into a set of functional requirements)

  • Detailing the event flow for each use case (from analysis to design)

  • Based on the event flow, we can develop a sequence diagram to represent each use case scenario.

  • By refining the system-level sequence diagram into a more detailed MVC sequence diagram, we can divide the system functionality into 3 layers of reusable software architecture that serves as a clear implementation specification.

  • By integrating the sequence diagrams of the corresponding use cases, we can identify the set of candidate objects required for the implementation of system functions (use cases) that are currently undeveloped.

  • Test cases and wireframes can be developed based on the defined use cases.


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