Tube Volume Calculator

If you are looking for a tube volume calculator or the formula for finding the volume of tubes, you’re in the right place: the tube volume calculator is here to help you.

Tube volume formula

The volume of a tube is found according to the following formula:

V = π * [(d12 - d22) / 4] * l

where d1 and d2 are the length of the outer and inner diameter and l is the height of the tube.

Example of how to calculate the volume of a tube

We know the tube volume formula, and what’s next? Well, let’s solve an example problem with the formula.

For a tube with the outer diameter d1 = 10 cm, outer diameter d2 = 6 cm and the length l = 3 cm, we can calculate its volume like so:

  • V = π * [(d12 - d22) / 4] * l
  • V = π * [(102 - 62) / 4] * 3 = 150.8 cm3

Now you know how to find the volume of a tube. If you need a handy calculation tool to find the volume of a tube, try out our tube volume calculator.

How to use the tube volume calculator?

You can use the tube volume calculator to find the volume of a tube:

  1. Enter the length of the outer diameter (d1).
  2. Enter the length of the inner diameter (d2)
  3. Enter the length of the tube (l).
  4. Our tube calculation tool performs all the calculations for you. The volume is displayed.

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