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The ADKAR change model was created by Jeff Hiatt and consists of the five elements of Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement. It is a goal-oriented change management model to guide individual and organizational change. It can be applied to a wide variety of changes to drive change success.

ADKAR model example - weight loss

Let's illustrate the ADKAR model in action through a life example of weight loss.

  1. Awareness: Susan woke up in the morning and weighed 80KG, but relative to her height, a healthy weight should be around 55KG, and from the data she has seriously exceeded the target! At this stage, Susan is aware of the fact that she is overweight, but cognitively, she may still eat and drink as usual, without any control.

  2. Desire: Susan attended the company's annual physical examination, the examiner told her that she is already moderate fatty liver, if not lose weight, will turn into a severe fatty liver, and the probability of suffering from diabetes, hypertension and other diseases will be high. In this session, Susan realized the seriousness of the problem. Therefore intends to start taking action to lose weight!

  3. Knowledge: Susan intends to lose weight by adjusting her diet structure and then with exercise. But she knows nothing about healthy diet and scientific exercise methods, she purchased books to read, followed a lot of weight loss bloggers video. She also attended many seminars on healthy eating and exercise. She began to know how to create a healthy diet and exercise program that suits her needs. Susan mastered the necessary knowledge for healthy weight loss, but was she really able to apply it to her daily life and stick to it?

  4. Ability to take action, Susan three meals a day in accordance with healthy diet plan, and do exercise every day. Susan began her scientific weight loss journey, whether she can persist in losing weight action, we will see. This is a great step, Susan began to turn knowledge into action.

  5. Reinforcement: Susan is very self-disciplined and constantly optimizes her diet and exercise through PDCA assessment. After a few months, she found that healthy diet and exercise have become a habit, and her weight has started to change significantly, gradually dropping to the standard weight, and her fatty liver is gone! So far, healthy diet + exercise has become a solid habit, Susan's weight loss action has also achieved significant results, Susan is also very happy because of their efforts to change, and plans to continue.


What is ADKAR Model?

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