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Banner Ad template: Cyber Monday Sale Announcement Banner Ad (Created by InfoART's Banner Ad maker) Cyber Monday Sale Announcement Leaderboard

Cyber Monday refers to the Monday after Black Friday, one of the hottest shopping days of the year in the United States. On this day, many businesses will offer considerable discounts in their online stores to attract customers.

Gift Card template: Violet Gradient Cyber Monday Sale Gift Card (Created by InfoART's Gift Card maker)

The term "Cyber Monday" originated in 2005 when businesses in the United States saw an increasing number of consumers choosing the Monday after Thanksgiving to shop online.

Cyber Monday refers to the day when people return to work after Thanksgiving and try to buy gifts online to give back to family and friends during the holiday. As a result, the first Monday after Thanksgiving is the most frantic time for online retailers to compete for customers, which also triggers a shopping spree. After all, the Internet is a much more attractive place. It can not only compare prices, but also avoid the fatigue of travel. Can close department stores, electrical appliances, clothing, cosmetics and other one-time.

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