YouTube is a very common social media channel nowadays. It can be shown in different devices, such as computer, telephone, tablet, and even television. In this case, the display area of the channel will also change when using different device. Therefore, we need to place important information, such as the logo and the title, in the viewable area for all device, which is the area of 1235 x 338 in the middle.

Here is a YouTube Channel art designed with Visual Paradigm Online. The whole design is created with cute graphic, showing us that the owner of the channel is an artist. As mentioned above, we can see that the logo and the title of the channel is place at the middle part to ensure that they are always viewable, while the decorations are placed surrounding it. By the channel art maker, you are welcomed to customize the elements on it, including the text, colour, graphic and also the composition. Try to edit it as you like and create a nice artwork for your channel!

Not exactly the channel art you are looking for? Visit the library of VP Online and find the channel art template you need. Let's start your creation!

Arte de canal de YouTube Template Specifications:
Esta plantilla de arte de canal de YouTube se puede personalizar según sus necesidades cambiando el contenido, sustituyendo imágenes y componentes de diseño, etc.
Dominant Color
2560 x 1440 px

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