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Press Release August 06, 2018

Easy to Use, easy to understand, Persuasive, Interesting, Eye-Catching

What is New?

VP Online incorporates: Diagrams, Charts, Strategic Analysis, Infographics and Customer Journey Map into an integrated visual engagement platform solution with the following newly added powerful features:

  • Infographics
  • 17 Chart Types
  • And Lots of Examples & Templates

Infographics - Take Full Advantage of Visual Elements

Infographic can simplify and distill complex ideas down into to easily digestible and engraining presentation by combining the best visual compelling elements including text, diagrams, tables, charts and / or statistics. Large collection of examples and templates give you a lot of ideas on how to jumpstart your own presentation.

17 Types of Chart – Editable and Embeddable!

Visual Parading online now incorporates 17 types of the most widely-used chart in the platform. These charts can easily be edited inline using the embedded spreadsheet which can copy and paste your data to / from Microsoft Excel without any hassle! You can quickly change colors, styles and etc. with the Property Pane and then embed your chart image together with other visual elements anywhere in infographics with ease.