Visual Paradigm Tabular launched

Press Release December 2, 2019

Visual Paradigm International is proud to announce its new product Visual Paradigm Tabular, an online spreadsheet-based software.

Visual Paradigm Tabular launched

Visual Paradigm is proud to announce its powerful online spreadsheet new feature called “Tabular” that helps users to perform wide variety of financial, strategic and mathematical analysis and planning, share it anytime and anywhere collaboratively with your team, end users, customers or other stakeholders.

With Visual Paradigm Tabular, now your team can either create all kinds of online spreadsheet using the Tabular. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel, and having similar user experience, which means that you can copy and paste (or import) your work directly from Excel to Tabular, and vice versa.

Tabular comes with hundreds of templates and samples in different application domains for your team to kick-start with. New templates and example are yet to be up added in our collections every day. Tabular has some other unique and powerful features that are worth to be mentioned as follows:

  • Rich text within a cell
  • Bullet points within a cell
  • Dropdown menu in a cell for quick selection of types
  • Drag & Drop all kind of scalable shapes in spreadsheet

About Visual Paradigm International

Visual Paradigm International is a leading provider of software solutions that enables organizations to develop quality applications faster, better and cheaper. Visual Paradigm is dedicated to continually develop and deliver software, services and partnerships to help customers to accurately transform their system requirements into high-quality software solutions, all with minimum risk and maximum return on investment.

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