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The ADKAR model of change management is a results-oriented approach to change management designed to reduce resistance to organizational change, developed by Prosci in 2001 after a study of more than 700 companies undergoing major change.

It includes five components that need to be achieved in order for change to be successful Awareness (Awareness) of the need for change, the desire to participate in the change, knowledge of the skills (Knowledge) and competencies (Ability) needed for successful change, the ability to implement the necessary skills, and reinforcement to sustain the change (Reinforcement).

Each of these goals constitutes a letter of the acronym.

  1. Awareness of the need for change.

  2. A Desire to support change.

  3. Knowledge about how to change.

  4. The Ability to demonstrate skills and behaviors.

  5. Reinforcement so that the change sticks.

According to the ADKAR change management model, the purpose of awareness and desire is to get you out of a state where change is currently needed but has not yet begun. Knowledge and capability occur during the transition period, while reinforcement looks to the future.


ADKAR Guide for Change Management

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