Sci-fi Maniac Robot Book Cover
Sci-fi Maniac Robot Book Cover
Sci-fi Maniac Robot Book Cover

Sci-fi Maniac Robot Book Cover

Why do people like Sci-Fi books? Science fiction stories have the power to question speculations that would not otherwise be tested in real life. The advantage of science fiction is that it can astonish the audience with something they've never seen before.

Here is a book cover template designed for sci-fi fiction. It is a modern and cute book cover designed with the use of cute graphics. In this template, a graphic of the robot and the city is designed as the background or the book cover. Different shades of blue are designed as the main color theme of the design. Bold texts of the book title are designed on it as well. This is a template designed with Visual Paradigm Online. You can create your graphic design in Visual Paradigm Online by customizing the texts, images, colors, shapes, and other elements. You are free to choose a template from the dozen ready-made design examples.

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1410 x 2250 px

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