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Draw business and technical diagrams easily with a web-based diagram tool.

Finding the best diagram tool?

Diagram and collaborate anytime and anywhere on any device with zero configuration and free storage for empowering visual communication and team collaboration.


Speedily draw any kind of technical and business diagrams

Diagramm in-a-Snap

Easy-to-use online diagram tool that features:

  • Drag and drop shape editor
  • Connectors glue well to shape border
  • Click to copy shape formats
  • Reuse shapes in another diagram
  • Start quick with diagram templates

Better Design

A rich set of powerful features are there to support you in drawing awesome diagrams:

  • Position shapes precisely using alignment guide
  • Embed external images, URLs and text in drawing
  • Many color and formatting options for shapes
  • Easily rotatable shapes
  • Group, align and distribute shapes
  • Build an item list for instant shape formation

Collaboration Tools

Work as team? Our team collaboration support make teamwork simple and productive:

  • Cloud-based repository
  • Projects and members management
  • Export diagrams with PNG, SVG, PDF and more
  • Single sign-on (SSO) integrations
  • Keep your diagrams in Google Drive


  • Easy-to-Use and powerful
  • Draw your own diagrams with predefined templates
  • Support wide variety of diagram types that covers most of the business domains ranging from software development, strategic planning, business improvements, to project management, network engineering and cloud-based IT architecture design.
  • Windows、Linux、Mac OS上で動作するクロスプラットフォームアプリケーション
  • 数回のクリックだけで、チャートやインフォグラフィックスなどの仕事を照合し、管理し、設定可能なダッシュボードにテキストによる説明を表示します。
  • Excellent interoperability and compatibility
  • Large user community developed using award-winning technology
  • Free online resources: Diagram examples and templates


Try it yourself. Just browse the diagram examples below and click Open Diagram to open and edit. You will see for yourself that it is everything we say it is, or perhaps more.

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