Monster Themed Fun Halloween Greeting Card

Monster Themed Fun Halloween Greeting Card このテンプレートを編集する

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat?

Every year on October 31, people celebrate Halloween. We get to dress up, visit people and ask them for candy. Visit haunted houses is also a hot entertainment on the day. There are different kinds of activities that take place on this day. There are also traditional activities such as apples bobbing, or other divination games that foretell our future. Please enjoy the day and have fun with your family and friends.

This is a greeting card designed for Halloween and it was created by Visual Paradigm Online's design tools. In the center of the greeting card, a hand holds candy, showing the meaning of "trick-or-treating", while the fireworks on top show the celebration of the day. Candy canes were used to decorate both sides of the greeting card. The background of the greeting card is dark to represent the night of Halloween, while the elements on top are colored to represent the fun of the day. With the greeting card maker, we can edit the message on top and replace the graphics on top with assets from the library. Customize the elements above to meet our needs and complete a colorful greeting card for the upcoming Halloween!

Still looking for more designs of Halloween? Start your customization now and celebrate for Halloween together!

グリーティングカード Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
600 x 400 px