Brainstorming is a process in which everyone involved in it has given an equal chance of free-thinking and generating their ideas about a specific problem without any restrictions. It is one of the best-known techniques to solve creative problems. Because of group discussion, we get into a conclusion, which is a combination of benefits and weaknesses.

Round-Robin brainstorming

Round-Robin Brainstorming is a group-based brainstorming technique. A Round-Robin session begins with a central topic, question, or issue to be addressed. Arranged in a circle, participants begin by considering the question.

This technique of brainstorming provides a more structured format for a creative session. As the name says, this process of brainstorming gives an opportunity or a chance to get involved in the discussion for finding the solution to the current problem by contributing their ideas and thought. Round-robin brainstorming ensures every voice is heard and gets equal opportunities to put across their parts of ideas without being influenced by other’s thoughts.

In this process, all team members get together around a table, and the facilitator explains the problem. One participant is selected to lead off the process by writing an idea on the piece of paper in front of them and pass it to the person on their right. Working clockwise around the circle, each participant thinks and writes down a new idea until a full circle has been completed. The session then concludes with a group discussion.

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Round-Robin Brainstorming example

Round-Robin brainstorming example

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Round-Robin Brainstorming templates

Round-Robin brainstorming template

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Round-Robin brainstorming technique template

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