Fast Fashion Infographic

Fast Fashion Infographic

Fast fashion originated from Europe in the 20th century and "speed to market" in the United States. The Guardian has coined a new word "McDonald's" with the prefix "MC" taken from McDonald's - selling fashion like McDonald's.

Fast fashion has become the development trend of the clothing industry which provides the current popular styles and elements, with the characteristics of low price, more styles and less quantity, to stimulate the interest of consumers and meet the needs of consumers to the maximum extent. It can be said that fast fashion is the product of globalization, youth and networking.

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is a term that describes a sustainable and conscious way of producing and consuming fashion. Clothing is mostly made from environmentally friendly materials or even recyclable textiles. Clothes are usually more durable and of higher quality. It also pays attention to environmentally friendly production.

Fast vs Slow Fashion

"Fast fashion" refers to low-quality, low-cost, mass-produced, machine-made clothing that will soon be thrown into landfills. In contrast, slow fashion clothing is hand-made, it takes time to make, use artistic talent, better quality and higher price.

Interested to know more about fast and slow fashion? The infographic below compares fast and slow fashion. Click here to edit.


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