Visual Paradigm Online launched

Press Release February 27, 2018

Visual Paradigm International announces the release of Visual Paradigm 15.0. The new version rebrands VPository, their cloud repository, into an online collaborative development platform, namely Visual Paradigm Online.

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According the Visual Paradigm, after five years of consolidation, their dedication of high quality service in Agile Development has positioned VPository as one of the leading platform in the diagram and visual modeling industry. To reflect this tremendous expansion of VPository, Visual Paradigm announce the update of the brand identity from VPository to Visual Paradigm Online to re-message on the products and online services they supply.

Visual Paradigm Online features four market demanding services:

Besides a change of brand name, Visual Paradigm has also empowered their online drawing tool by featuring more drawing types and features. A summarized feature list is provided below.

Online Drawing Tools

Agile Scrum Product & Sprint Backlog Management

  • User story mapping
  • 3 and 4 level story map [w/wo Epic]
  • User Story estimation with Affinity Table
  • Configurable Affinity Table
  • Sprint management
  • Generate tasks from user stories

Customer Journey Map

Task Management Tool

About Visual Paradigm International

Visual Paradigm International is a leading provider of software solutions that enables organizations to develop quality applications faster, better and cheaper. Visual Paradigm is dedicated to continually develop and deliver software, services and partnerships to help customers to accurately transform their system requirements into high-quality software solutions, all with minimum risk and maximum return on investment.

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