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If you want to create some kitchen tools special sale gift cards, you can try to use this gift card template to help you create your own gift card, and use it to share with your customer. This template has a yellow, orange, and green color tone, a kitchen tool illustration, and some textbox to give you input your information. This special gift card design is created by the online gift card maker tool InfoART, Since the template is customizable, you can change the colors to your favorite tints. Besides, you can include your words of gift as well as include your own photos, illustrations, clipart, icons, and more.

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Cartões de oferta Template Specifications:
Este modelo de cartão de oferta pode ser personalizado de acordo com as suas necessidades, alterando o conteúdo, substituindo imagens e componentes de design, etc.
Dominant Color
559 x 397 px

Kitchen Tools Gift Voucher

Value: $ 50 - When Spend For More Than $300

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