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Are you interested in having a boat trip? A boat tour is a brief journey in a relatively small boat that is taken for touristic purposes. It usually begins and ends in the same location and lasts for less than a day. In contrast, river, yacht, and ocean cruising often lasts a few days and includes accommodations in cabins on larger boats or cruise ships.

This is a postcard template designed for traveling. It is a simple postcard design with the use of images and text. In this postcard, an image of a boat on the river is designed as the photo background of the postcard. It shows the beautiful scenery of traveling with a boat and the excitement of having a boat trip. This template is designed by Visual Paradigm Online. It is a convenient tool for you to design your graphics with thousands of templates. You can are allowed to select images from the photo library and drag out the image as the background of your design.

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Este modelo de cartão postal pode ser personalizado para criar um design que se adapte às suas necessidades. Pode editar o conteúdo, substituir imagens, alterar cores, adicionar ou remover blocos de design e muito mais.
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