A seating plan a diagram that shows the places where particular people will sit at a gathering. A formal dinner, it is usually used to avoid chaos and confusion upon entrance and to follow the etiquette. It is widely used on diverse occasions and a wide range of purposes, for example:

  • A plan is for airplanes can differentiate passengers between the various travel classes and ensure everybody has a place.
  • A seating plan is also crucial importance for musical orchestras, where every type of instrument is allocated a specific section.

Seating Chart example

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Tips for Creating a Seating Plan

  1. Start your seating plan early and don’t leave it until the week before
  2. Table numbers can imply a hierarchy so think about using table names instead
  3. Keep the right people together
  4. Be conscious of individual attendee’s needs
  5. For some events, it might be a google idea to consider making a separate kids’ table
  6. Figure out where you want to put your parents
  7. Consider using an online tool i.e. Visual Paradigm Online to creating your plan. That could save you a lot of time and stress

Seating Chart Templates

Seating Plan template

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Seating plan diagram template

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Seating chart template

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