Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

This is an online adjusted body weight calculator that calculates the Ideal Body Weight (IBW) and Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) for both genders.

What is adjusted body weight?

Adjusted body weight is a measure used by dietitians for obese patients when calculating their nutritional needs. Since adipose tissue is less metabolically active than lean tissue, using actual body weight for finding one’s energy requirements might result in some overestimations for people above their healthy BMI.

How to calculate adjusted body weight?

Our adjusted body weight calculator helps you calculate adjusted body weight by using the formula below:

Adjusted body weight = IBW + 0.4 * (ABW - IBW)


  • IBW is ideal body weight,
  • ABW is actual body weight.

So how to find the ideal body weight? According to Robinson’s formula, it is calculated as follows:

  • For men: 52 kg + 1.9 kg per every inch over 5 feet
  • For women: 49 kg + 1.7 kg per every inch over 5 feet

Adjusted Body Weight calculation example

Let’s find the nutritional needs for a man who is 182 centimeters tall and weighs 85 kilograms. By using the ideal weight formula, we find that his ideal weight would be 74.14 kg.

To find the adjusted body weight:

  • Adjusted body weight = IBW + 0.4 * (ABW - IBW)
  • = 74.14 + 0.4 * (85 - 74.14)
  • = 78.484 kg

This means that this man should be treated as if he weighed 79.59 kilograms when conducting a weight loss program.

How to use the adjusted body weight calculator?

  1. Select the gender
  2. Input your height in cm.
  3. Input your weight in kg.
  4. The ideal body weight and adjusted body weight is automatically obtained.

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