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BAI calculator is an excellent tool made for people who want to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Use this online BAI calculator tool to work out your BAI index and get an indication of whether your BAI is within a healthy body fat level.  Besides the calculator, this BAI guide also tells you what is BAI and how to calculate BAI.

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What is BAI

The BAI (Body Adiposity Index) is for estimating the amount of human body fat. The index defines the total body mass that is made only of fat tissues. It is calculated based on the person’s height and hip size. Unlike BMI (Body Mass Index), BAI does not consider bodyweight for estimations. Population studies show that BAI is approximately equal to the percentage of body fat for adult men and women of differing ethnicities.

How to calculate BAI?

The Body Adiposity Index is calculated based on the formula below:

BAI = (hip circumference / (height) ^ 1.5) – 18

where the hip circumference is in centimeters (cm) and height is in meters (m).

(Note that the formula applies both for male and female)

How to use the BAI calculator?

To use our Body Adiposity Index Calculator (BAI calculator), walk through the steps below:

  1. Select your gender – male or female.
  2. Enter your age. The allowable age range is between 20 and 80.
  3. Enter your hip circumference in cm
  4. Enter your height in m
  5. Check the result, which is your BAI.

Here is a Body Adiposity Index example. Assuming that there is a 38 years old man with the following attributes:

  • height = 178 cm
  • hip circumference = 106 cm

His BAI would be: (106 / (1.78) ^ 1.5) – 18 = 26.6. By finding this value in the table below, you will see that he is obese.

Am I healthy?

Once you have obtained your Body Adiposity Index, you can check the table below to see whether you are healthy or not.

BAI classification for man

Age Group Underweight Healthy Overweight Obese
20 – 39 Less than 8% 8% to 21% Greater than 21% Greater than 25%
40 – 59 Less than 11% 11% to 23% Greater than 23% Greater than 29%
60 – 79 Less than 13% 13% to 25% Greater than 25% Greater than 31%

BAI classification for woman

Age Group Underweight Healthy Overweight Obese
20 – 39 Less than 21% 21% to 33% Greater than 33% Greater than 39%
40 – 59 Less than 23% 23% to 35% Greater than 35% Greater than 41%
60 – 79 Less than 25% 25% to 38% Greater than 38% Greater than 43%


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